septiembre 06, 2012

Will you give up?

Did you ever feel like if you don’t belong to certain place? Or like a strange between the people you have to live with? I mean is this just me? Or it happens to everybody? But if it happens to a bunch of people, how did they go through it? Didn’t they give up in the way to their dreams? I need to know that I’m not the only one involved in this mess called life.

I’m trying to keep holding on, but sometimes it feels impossible and then I want to leave it all behind; but that’s when I remember that after all nothing can be so bad, because probably there are people who is having worst moments than me. It’s a bit crazy but even in my house they make me feel like garbage that you can throw around like if you don’t worth the oxygen you are breathing.

After thinking about it for a long time, I realized that the person who cares you the most is the one that is not even by your side or that isn’t able to hug you; but still is always the one who is there to hear you when the world seems to forget you.

Did you ever feel the world is against you? Or that lose every battle you fight? That doesn’t matter how much you try to make it right, it’s still wrong? That every single thing you do is just shit for everybody? What can you do? Give up? Run away? Kill yourself? Are those even options? No Way! If they were, then why were you fighting for the whole time of your life?

Remember, they will always be someone for you. It doesn’t matter if he isn’t there in person and you can’t touch him, it still counts.  Maybe he will be the perfect reason you were looking for, if you feel that nobody listen your words then go ahead and yell. If the world is throwing crap on you, then stand up and take it off and keep walking forward because every obstacle is just one more step in your way to the mountain’s top. After all what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. Maybe right now you are laying in the ground with your face full of mud and with broken wings, but it won’t last forever, soon it will have an end and then you will be able to fly and shine as brighter as the sun, because you born to be light not darkness. You can do it, just go for it and get it!

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